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About Us

Welcome to iCareBetter! We are a group of health professionals. We have seen many patients and their loved ones become tired of fighting against a plethora of diseases. They worked very hard to manage the disease, yet still, experience some failures and hardships along the road.

Nowadays, treating and controlling diseases are easier than ever before, thanks to novel technologies and medical advancements. Many articles and products are coming out in the market every day. By having accurate, understandable information and employing the right medications and tools, you will keep up with any challenge a disease brings you. You may even overcome the battle entirely–that is the goal anyway!

But, time and time again, I see patients misled by unreliable sources. This creates confusion and frustration as to the appropriate steps of care and what is really best for you or your loved ones. Thus, you, unknowingly and innocently, may adversely affect your health.

I started this weblog to convey trusted advice by health professionals on new innovations which can assist you and your healthcare provider in managing an illness together. I know that the number of trustworthy resources is low and sifting through all the websites out there may give you a headache! So, I aim to discuss pressing, relevant healthcare issues using easy-to-digest language.

This weblog is useful to those who are diagnosed with a disease and are keen to learn about new medical products and technology to help them. Here, you will find information on all aspects of care from the point of diagnosis to treatment and maintain health. I will cover both physical and mental ailments by discussing the latest findings, medications, and technologies.

My hope is that iCareBetter will be a blog that serves as your trusted source of information–one that is interactive to meet your needs, whether as the patient or a caregiver. After all, your health is important to me as it is to you!